Resources, offices and services that support Sib Med students

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Student Communities

Whether you are interested in sports, music, volunteering, or trying something new, there is a variety of extracurricular activities available for you to participate in.



To ensure a comfortable stay in Tomsk, Siberian State Medical University provides students with 5 dormitories that meet the necessary requirements.


Health & Well-Being

The Sports Center includes a games hall, medical gymnastics hall, martial arts hall, gym, aerobics hall, and ski lodge. During their free time, all students may engage in sports clubs under the guidance of experienced trainers.

Funding and Scholarships

We provide you with the information about funding opportunities available for international students in Russia. They range from part funding, for example paying part of your fees, to full funding, which covers program fees and living expenses.

For International Students

For rapid socialization in a new cultural environment, Siberian State Medical University actively involves international students in intercultural projects, sports and entertainment events: forums, creative competitions and festivals. The university includes the Department for International Development that helps international students in resolving any issues and promoting initiatives.